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Unlock People Potential through Connections.

Bekko empowers meaningful connections at scale within communities and at work.

“The difference between an audience and a community is which way the chairs are facing.”

- Chris Broga, Chief of Staff at Appfire

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Why Bekko?

At Bekko, we empower communities and organisations to become spaces where people belong. Our software facilitates meaningful 1:1 connections at scale and generates outstanding engagement, collaboration, and retention outcomes.

Customers & Use Cases

Customised solutions for your community and organisation.

Key Features

Trusted among Industry Leaders

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Case Study & Client Testimonial


Mates & Mentors Program

- Connecting Employees Across the EVP Portfolio

We’ve been so excited to bring our Mates & Mentors program to life through the platform.

The level of personalisation we’ve been able to create through the platform has brought enormous value to the relevance of the connections that are automated.

The feedback we’ve had from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re looking forward to continuing to grow the program.

- Kiya Taylor, Operating Principal at EVP


Networking Event


From $1,000

Per Event

(up to 30 days)

Sharing Ideas


From $8,000

Annual tiered subscription

Business Meeting


Get in Touch

Annual tiered subscription, plus one-off customisation fees.

Unlock the People Potential of your Community with Bekko.

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